1978 Rolls-Royce Corniche

Supplied by Jack Barclay of London in August 1978 to a fastidious customer in Fife, there are a host of letters and correspondence between G.C.V. Brittain, Esq and Rolls-Royce throughout 1977 as he optioned his new car.

The subject of a complete restoration and overhaul from 2012 to early 2016, this Rolls-Royce has been lavished with close to £90,000 of expenditure with seasoned professionals in order for it to be in the standard you see today.

An accompanying invoice from December 2012 is present in the sum of more than £50,000 for the bodywork, which included completely stripping the car to bare metal, re-metalling where required, welding inner and outer sills, front wing supports and jacking points, then complete paintwork of engine bay and full body in a midnight blue to a very high standard it still retains. At this time, the cylinder heads were removed so that valves and guides could be refurbished, engine block blasted and rings fitted, main and big end bearing changed, crankshaft polished, carburettor rebuilt with solenoid stop/start replaced. Also, the gaskets and oil seals were replaced before the engine was again rebuilt, tuned and refitted to the car.

Between March and June 2014 the services of Gordon Dale Enterprises in Brentford were enlisted to perform a complete workshop inspection and report. As a result, number one brake pump and pressure switch were overhauled, scuttle filter renewed, starter motor wiring refitted and coolant and steering hoses cleaned and tightened. A light tune to the carburettor system to better enhance cold starting was achieved by adjusting the choke and re-setting fast idle speeds. Further, a suspension service was conducted to include replacement of rear restrictor valves and solenoid valve on levelling function, bleed system and set up height control accurately. Finally, for good measure the spark plugs were removed and cleaned, carburettor was removed and stripped down to investigate suspected air leak, and the battery drain caused by window wiring was overcome. The cost? More than £8,000.

In July 2015 a further £12,000 was exchanged with independent Rolls-Royce specialists, D.E.W Car Services, Eynsham, for the supply and fit of a new windscreen and seal as required. The gearbox was serviced and retreated with fresh oil and it must be said it performs faultlessly. The brake accumulator sphere and valve housing too were overhauled, and the engine once more dismantled with ancillaries removed, including cylinder heads, engine sump, pistons, conrods and liners to inspect all items for wear and serviceability. All engine components were meticulously serviced, cleaned and bettered before refitting, and re-plaining the seals and gaskets as required. Likewise, both cylinder heads were decoked, and had a specialist clean and machine as required, before reassembly to the engine.

Finally, the cabin received it’s full makeover courtesy of nearly £9,000 worth of Champagne leather, expertly trimmed by Bespoke Upholstery, Tewin, who in February 2016 addressed the seats, door cards, rear side panels, door pockets, centre tray, draft seals and dashboard underside all to a quality finish.

The result of all this fine craftsmanship and expert know-how is a stately and commanding Rolls-Royce which behaves impeccably on the road and is a pleasure to drive and enjoy. It is now offered for sale at a sum significantly beneath that it has cost to create and as such deserves your most serious attention…

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