1976 Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior **SOLD**

An original UK-delivered and righthand drive 1600 GT Junior, this is a matching-numbers chassis & engine Alfa Romeo from 1976, with eight keepers, the latest since 2016.

It’s not fair to consider this a project car, but it’s not the 100% finished article either.  The car is all present and complete, it runs, it stops and is being used as-is, but, in all reality, this car will more greatly appeal to someone who has enthusiasm and energy to finish it to a slightly higher standard.  For example, the bumpers could be re-instated (& they do accompany the car), the boot lock mechanism needs refitting and adjusting, the passenger door handle is intermittent, & the tyres are old and would benefit from being replaced.

It needs to be seen to be fully understood, but if you’re interested in finishing this worthy Alfa then call us and we can talk you through what you can expect….

Please be assured that this car is complete with all parts accounted for.  We have some former history and receipts which accompany it, plus MOT’s since 2009 when the car showed 56,415miles, (now just over 60,000 miles).  This car was last MOT’d in May 2018.

Our car benefits from having a Classic Alfa suspension kit fitted.  In June 2017 it received a minor service, some wiring repairs, fresh oil in diff, stripped rear prop to fit new centre bearing & un-seized both steering arms.  Before this, in 2015, much metalwork was attended to, including both outer sill and jacking points rectified and repaired with new metal plates welded-in and sills repainted.  At the same time, some under car patches were also attended to.  Earlier still, in 2014, both front & rear springs were replaced, the handbrake cable, antiroll bar, and front drop links were replaced.  The rear axle hanger straps were shortened and refitted, the steering arm adjusted, spark plugs replaced, points and fuel pump gaskets replaced, and horn repaired.

Vehicle Description


Registration: OPD 122R
Chassis Number: 0001754
Engine Number: AR10526/S175A
Number of cylinders: 4
CC: 1570cc
Year of Manufacture: 1976
Mileage: 60,012