About us

After close to ten years in senior roles within the collector car auction market, including a start-up business that has exceeded all expectation, my experience, knowledge and contacts have been garnished from serving my apprenticeship among a broad spectrum of motorcars.

With an inherent passion for 50’s and 60’s sports cars, an admiration of pre-war ‘heavy metal’, and an impossible-to-ignore fondness toward contemporary or modern classics, we are confident of being able to credibly offer a wide variety of collector classic cars and understand what makes them appeal to many different audiences.

We’re certain we can demonstrate benefit to those who buy or sell through Manor Classic Cars because of our ability to manage many eras of motorcar and more than one route to market.

Because of our close working relationships with several leading auction houses and specialist dealers in the UK and mainland Europe we’re able to recommend to you the very best outlet through which to sell your car.  We’re big enough and ugly enough to concede that the traditional retail proposition from North Yorkshire is not necessarily always the best avenue through which to sell every car, however, what we can commit is that we will always be honest with you if we feel another offering may be more suitable; be that a specialist auction, or another dealer from our professional network whom for reasons of geography or customer base we recommend would be better suited to reach an audience for your car.  We’ll help you to identify who this is, where is the greatest market for your car, and even manage the process for you if you ask us to.

We’re proud to offer a ‘full-complement’ independent service from selling, brokering, auctioning and collection management, to consultation, purchasing inspection or analysing trends in the market.

Paul Campbell
Manor Classic Cars