1973 Peugeot 504 Rally Car

Tough, durable and refreshingly simple; the characteristics of the Peugeot 504 make it the perfect long-distance rally weapon, as proven with notable event wins such as the 1974 World Cup Rally.

The car offered here is similarly a precision tool for the job.  Professionally built to Works Safari specification in 2016, it was subsequently refreshed by RPS Rally Services of Oxfordshire after the 2018 outing of the Himalayan Challenge.

Highlights of this car incorporate its construction from an accident-free donor, stripped to bare metal, lightened, seam-welded and reinforced in key areas.  A bespoke high-spec wiring loom with dash-mounted fuses and relays are installed alongside other important Monit and Gauge Pilot rally tools.

This is the 4-cylinder 2.0 litre variant of the Peugeot 504 developing 146 bhp, with upgraded radiator and front-mounted oil cooler alongside twin ignition coils and twin ignition modules.

Price: £32,990

Vehicle Description


Registration: CDM 951M
Chassis Number: 504A111366734
Engine Number: 1366734
Number of cylinders: 4
CC: 1995cc
Year of Manufacture: 1973