1965 Jaguar E-Type Series I 4.2 Fixedhead Coupe **SOLD**

Manufactured and dispatched in June of 1965, our Series One 4.2 litre fixedhead coupe E-Type was delivered to its first owner in Beckenham, Kent in not dissimilar “new” condition to that it can be owned today…

…. In fact, at the risk of upsetting the Browns Lane alumni, we suspect it may be in even better condition now than it was new thanks to the very talented craftsmen who have recently restored this example.

First, a bit of history….

The 1965 fixedhead coupe, in righthand drive, was built in the fewest numbers of any fixedhead E-Type variant, meaning, whilst it’s a stretch to claim an E-Type as a particularly rare car, in this guise, it almost is with only some 1,580 examples extant.

Further, our car retains its matching-numbers original engine, and original UK registration number.  In its very recent restoration, the colour was modified subtly from Carmen Red to Signal Red, and the interior differs from the original Black to a much more pleasing and contemporary Biscuit leather colour.

Our car has reputedly had only four owners, the first resided in Beckenham, Kent, and kept his new car until 1981, before the second and third owners, both military Commanders, would own this car, now registered “DFK 4”, from 1981-1983, then 1983 all the way to 2007.

Throughout this period there are a host of bills for maintenance, some paintwork, and sufficient evidence to see the car was always maintained as a running and driving car, albeit clearly only modestly used.  We know this, for when it was next sold in 2007, it showed just 50,000 miles from new with sufficient history to be confident this was accurate.  It was at this time sold to Luxembourg.

Again, there are a host of bills to acknowledge consistent care of this car, but it would be another ten years before this car would be sold again, this time via a Belgian motor dealer, and whilst still a running and driving car, there was no doubt that its condition at that time was growing tired, so it became the chosen E-Type for all its many merits as the prime candidate to undergo a better-than-new restoration.

Cue the introduction of the very talented craftspeople at E-Type UK, Kent, in 2017.

Under instruction from their client, and ours, to build him his perfect fixedhead E-Type, they set about a no holds barred restoration which truly is to the highest quality.  This wasn’t achieved overnight, indeed, it took close to five years to achieve what’s been achieved, but it’s no doubt been worth it and sincere tribute goes to the team who have accomplished it.  It’s no small undertaking of skill, patience, experience and probably a bit of blue language along the way too.

Those who enquire with a genuine interest, and indeed those who visit to see this car in the flesh must set aside sufficient time to leaf through the pages of invoices and beautifully documented book of images demonstrating each stage of the meticulous restoration.  Credit must be shown also to other parties who played a hand, most notably perhaps Mass Racing of Bedfordshire, for it was their work to create the beautifully rebuilt 4.2 litre engine which has been slightly breathed-on to fast road spec and which fires to life instantly and intently.  This engine, indeed, this car has covered running-in mileage only making it truly a ‘new’ car from 1965, and it presents as such in every aspect.

Regrettably, because of the length of time it takes to create excellence, circumstances with the owner have changed and he’s not able to enjoy it in the way he intended.  With sincere regret, what can credibly claim to be amongst the best in the world Jaguar E-Type is now offered for someone else to enjoy.   Whilst we recognise the sum of monies required to own it are not insignificant, we can assure you that they are significantly beneath that it cost to create…


Vehicle Description

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Registration: EYT 358C
Chassis Number: 1E20801
Engine Number: 7E4443-9
Number of cylinders: 6
CC: 4200cc
Year of Manufacture: 1965
Mileage: 00200 miles post-restoration