1978 Rolls-Royce Corniche

Supplied by Jack Barclay of London in August 1978 to a fastidious customer in Fife, there are a host of letters and correspondence between G.C.V. Brittain, Esq and Rolls-Royce throughout 1977 as he optioned his new car.

The subject of a complete restoration and overhaul from 2012 to early 2016, this Rolls-Royce has been lavished with close to £90,000 of expenditure with seasoned professionals in order for it to be in the standard you see today.

Manor Classic Cars were pleased to handle its previous sale in 2016 shortly after its completed restoration, and due to a move abroad by its fastidious owner, we’re delighted to have the car back in our showroom.

During his tenure, the current owner has continued to look after this car in the manner befitting it, entrusting the expert team at Hillier Hill of Olney with its maintenance.   This includes but is not limited to, two annual 6,000 mile services, plus, the unenviable task of replacing the outdated R12 air conditioning system to the much more efficient R134A which is far more complicated and labour intensive than one might imagine.  The result however is very pleasing indeed, particularly on long journeys which this car is perfectly suited to.

For those who wish to come and view this Rolls-Royce with us you’re most welcome, but please to budget sufficient time for there are an enormous number of invoices and receipts for the major works invested into this car during its restoration which need to be thoroughly read.  Many of them are truly eye-watering.

To give you a taste; in the sumptuous cabin alone more than £9,000 was spent just in leather work.  More than £50,000 was invested in the intricate bodywork.  Gordon Dale Enterprises of Brentford were responsible for the safe fitment of brake pumps, pressure switches, starter motor, steering hoses, carburation, idle-setting, suspension servicing including restrictor and solenoid valves.  This sentence alone doesn’t nearly do the further £8,000 spend justice.  Of course, this is before we get to the engine…  Suffice to say, there’s an awful lot that has gone into making this car what we believe remains the very best.

None of this has been in vain for the result is quite simply in a really spectacular Rolls-Royce which we commend to you highly.  It is now offered for sale at a sum significantly beneath that it has cost to create and as such deserves your most serious attention…


Vehicle Description


Registration: BML 942T
Chassis Number: CRH32634
Engine Number: 32634
Number of cylinders: 8
CC: 6750cc
Year of Manufacture: 1978
Mileage: 85000