1930 Sunbeam 20.9 Open Two Seater **SOLD**

As the advertising from the period claims, the 20 h.p Sunbeam Tourer, as illustrated, shows “the very pleasing lines” of the car which Sunbeam boasts to be ” very comfortable”, with “the seat being adjustable over a range of several inches”…..  Well, you’d expect nothing less for a car which cost the princely sum of £750.00 in 1928!

Our car, dated from 1930, is indeed one of those Touring-bodied Doctor’s Coupes with dickey seat to carry two additional passengers, albeit, without the benefit of a roof should one be necessary.

It would seem that our car has only had four or five keepers, and benefits from having clearly been well-looked after and cherished by each of them.  There’s a very healthy history file with our car showcasing the work that has been done to it over the years to keep it in usable but largely original order.  Particularly in 2011/12 there were some handsome sums invested to give it a birthday then, which has stood the test of time until the recent lockdown period when even more was lavished to give the car renewed lease of life.

Respected pre-war champions, Brewster Mudie of Bromsgrove, were awarded close to £3,000 for considerable work of servicing and recommissioning many of the mechanical componentry of the car.  The suspension, springs, and shock absorbers were addressed, as was bracketry for the exhaust, a small leak to the autovac was repaired, and the wheels all removed to grease the splines.    To the engine was new spark plugs, the carb jets were cleaned, the idle mixture trimmed and engine oils replaced, amongst other tasks.

Just prior to this work, our car had benefitted from a replacement magneto and a full professional rewiring by Winston Teague of Worcestershire.  Further works at this time included significant leather treatment and ‘feeding’ of the convertible hood.

All told, it’s fair to say that this is a fine car in significantly better condition than most from this era and one which benefits hugely from consistent investment to keep it so.

Advancing years and one or two health concerns necessitate a somewhat reluctant sale for our vendor after he’s just devoted soo much to make it ready for the Spring.  Act quick, before he changes his mind….


Vehicle Description


Registration: PG 6252
Chassis Number: 2565KH
Engine Number: 5584H
Number of cylinders: 6
CC: 2655cc
Year of Manufacture: 1930