1926 Sunbeam 3.0-Litre Super Sports

This glorious Sunbeam 3.0-Litre Super Sports Tourer, YN 7831, campaigned and won the Essex Six-Hour race held at Brooklands in 1927, driven by George Duller.

One of two ‘Works’ entries to this race.  It was considered lost for some years, but discovered on an airfield near Bristol after the War.  The original chassis was rebuilt in the 1960’s using original Sunbeam 3.0-Litre parts.
A more than credible alternative to the Bentley 3.0-Litre, the Sunbeam is likely lesser-known, but infinitely rarer, superbly constructed, marginally quicker, and still a world-beater…
The engine was completely rebuilt and fitted with new block circa 1995.  After many years, numerous miles and countless fond memories this special Sunbeam is now offered from long-term ownership where it has been regularly and enthusiastically driven and cherished.
It is accompanied by two great tomes of history file with period photographs, original buff log book, and records of considerable work undertaken during the last fifty years….

Vehicle Description


Registration: YN7831
Chassis Number: 4022F
Engine Number: 4168F
Number of cylinders: 6
CC: 3.0
Year of Manufacture: 1926